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This is a call for syllaby for classes taught at universities (all levels) on sex work. We are specifically looking for:

  1. Syllaby of courses exclusively relating to sex work, prostitution and sexual labour (incl. human trafficking for sexual exploitation)
  2. Syllaby introducing students to other fields (feminism, sexuality, criminology, transnational migration, labour, social work, history, etc.) and which also include a section on sexual labour.
  3. Reading lists for short workshops or other class formats.

Please send your syllabus as a PDF to sexworkresearch at posteo dot org and we will upload them on a rolling basis to the website. If you send us the syllabus, you explicitly agree to the publication of the syllabus.

Feel free to anonymise your syllabus (although it is not required) by removing your name, the university, and the semester. Depending on how specific the syllabus is, it may make sense to change the title, too.

Last but not least:

A number of people regularly approach this website asking for a reading list. Therefore, we would like to compile a reading list of texts for students and interested researchers who are just starting out to work on sex work. Feel free to add a suggestion or two.