A Prostitute’s Lived Experiences of Stigma

Tomura, Miyuki. „A Prostitute’s Lived Experiences of Stigma“. Journal of Phenomenological Psychology 40(1) (2009): 51–84. https://doi.org/10.1163/156916209X427981.

This research used a semi-structured interview method and Smith and Osborn’s (2003) interpretive phenomenological analysis to investigate a female prostitute’s experiences of stigma associated with her work. To structure the interview schedule, Seidman’s (2006) in-depth phenomenologically based interviewing method, which comprises three areas of focus, “focused life history,” “details of the experience” under investigation, and “reflection of the meaning” of the experience, was used as a general guide. Ten broad psychological themes were identified: 1) awareness of engaging in what people think is bad; (2) negative labeling by people who discover she is a prostitute; 3) hiding and lying about her identity as a prostitute to avoid being labeled negatively; 4) hiding and lying about her prostitution identity result in stress, anxiety, and exhaustion; 5) wishing she did not have to hide and lie about being a prostitute; 6) questioning and objecting to the stigmatization of prostitution; 7) managing the sense of stigmatization by persons who know about her prostitution by shifting focus away from devaluing and toward valuable qualities of prostitution; 8) developing occupational esteem and self-esteem through reflection of values; 9) compassion towards other people who suffer from stigma; and 10) resiliency.

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  1. Being in this industry I can understand where the writer is coming from. The hypocrisy of self-defense in fear of losing your close relatives, Vanillas friends, working with a different name as a stage name and being seen by the society as a second-hand citizen. The discrimination is beyond having a tittle to fill in an official form to get a loan from the bank for a mortgage.. Obviously labeling oneself as a prostitute /escort is not well received by most people who find it a taboo to accept the lifestyle. Being a Mistress once refused a loan at a local bank just because the title was not on the bank form as a profession so you find a lot of women nowadays working the normal jobs and doing it as a side little income earner.
    I must say the industry is beaming with dosh so why not legalize it to create an opportunity for self-assessment tax remittance, at the moment its difficult to declare what one earns as there is no limit as how much one contributes to the government if the profession t be levied on is not recognized by the state..
    I am glad the above individual has come up with her life doing to put it into perspective so we can read and comment on the topic because it does affect us in so many ways and the society as a whole

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