Special Issue on “Demystifying Sex Work and Sex Workers”

Special Issue on “Demystifying Sex Work and Sex Workers (2010)

Sex workers throughout the world share a uniquely maligned mystique that simultaneously positions them as sexually desirable and socially stigmatized. In order to better understand how these processes function cross-culturally, ‘Demystifying Sex Work and Sex Workers’ combines thirteen articles by scholar-activists and sex workers in Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, India, Mexico, Thailand, Uganda and the U.S. that focus on the everyday lives of sex workers, broadly defined as those who exchange sexual services for something of value. Papers in this issue locate sex workers as actors and agents despite pervasive social messages and discourses to the contrary.

Table of Contents

Special Issue

Editorial PDF HTML
Susan Dewey
‘Yeah, he’s my Daddy’: Linguistic Constructions of Fictive Kinships in a Street-Level Sex Work Community ABSTRACT PDF HTML
Kathleen Weinkauf
Flavia Zalwango, Lina Eriksson, Janet Seeley, Sarah Nakamanya, Judtih Vandepitte, Heiner Grosskurth
Complexity of Female Sex Workers’ Collective Actions in Postsocialist China ABSTRACT PDF HTML
Tiantian Zheng
Fare Tales and Fairy Tails: How Gay Sex Tourism is Shaping the Brazilian Dream ABSTRACT PDF HTML
Gregory Mitchell
Agents or Victims? Youth Sex Workers on the U.S.-Mexico Border ABSTRACT PDF HTML
Yasmina Katsulis
Our Lady of Help: Sex, Tourism and Transnational Movements in Copacabana ABSTRACT PDF HTML
Thaddeus Gregory Blanchette, Ana Paula Silva
Focusing on the child, not the prostitute: shifting the emphasis in accounts of child prostitution ABSTRACT PDF HTML
Heather Kate Montgomery
“Some of Them, They Do Right; Some of Them, They Do Wrong”: Moral Ambiguity and the Criteria for Help among Street Sex Workers ABSTRACT PDF HTML
Jill Linnette McCracken
Illegal Lives, Loves, and Work: The Effects of Criminalization on Sex Workers in Canada ABSTRACT PDF HTML
Emily van der Meulen
The Consequences of Arbitrary and Selective Enforcement of Prostitution Laws ABSTRACT PDF HTML
Norma Jean Almodovar
Negotiating contradictory expectations: Stories from ‘secret’ sex workers in Andhra Pradesh ABSTRACT PDF HTML
Annie George
Writing sex work online: the case of Belle de Jour ABSTRACT PDF HTML
Debra Ferreday
Sex work for the soul ABSTRACT PDF HTML
Lucinda Blissbomb
From the Field PDF HTML
Various Authors

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