Stepping Out from Behind the Lens: A Qualitative Analysis of Erotic Photographers

Stepping Out from Behind the Lens: A Qualitative Analysis of Erotic Photographers
Journal of Sexuality and Culture Vol 14(2) / June, 2010

Authors:  Jocelyn J. Wentland, Amy Muise


Pornography and erotica have a long history in society. According to
anecdotal evidence, erotic photography has been gaining popularity in recent years
(Latimer, Mommy’s been very, very naughty, 2007). In order to gain a fuller
understanding of erotic photography and the type of clients that participate in erotic
photo shoots, qualitative interviews were conducted with eleven photographers who
specialize in erotic photography. A descriptive analysis of the typical erotic photo
shoot was conducted, as well as a thematic analysis of the role of the photographer.
Four main themes were identified including the changing nature of erotic photos, the
relationship between the photographer and the client, the erotic photo shoot experience, and motivations. Interviewing the individuals who are actively involved with
the production of erotic photography provides a unique opportunity to learn more
about how this type of photography and how it can be seen as a reflection of the
changing nature of sexuality in our society.

Read the full article here.

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